South African Krugerrand

22k Pure Gold Coin. Rich Perfection in Silver.

The South African Krugerrand is more commonly sought after in its Gold form. Minted in a copper-gold alloy. Which makes it most durable. Even more durable than pure gold. However, the Krugerrand is also available in a Silver version.




Vermillion Enterprises, Spring Hill Coin & Gold Buyer, typically has 1 oz. Gold Krugerrand & 1 oz. Silver Krugerrand available for purchase. However, stock is always limited. Why? Because we buy it over the counter and once its placed on display for retail, they are bought up quickly. But fret not! We ALWAYS have American Silver Eagles & American Gold Eagles (including fractional Gold) in stock!

Gold Krugerrand 1 oz.

Platinum Krugerrand 1 oz.

Silver Krugerrand 1 oz.


Krugerrand – Different Sizes

The Krugerrand comes in a variety of sizes. From 1/50 oz to 50 oz. Vermillion Enterprises will Buy your Krugerrands. Whether they are Gold, Silver, or Platinum. 1/50th oz., 1 oz., or 50 oz.



1/50 oz. Gold

1/20 oz. Gold

1/10 oz. Gold

1/4 oz. Gold

1/2 oz. Gold

5 oz. Gold

50 oz. Gold

Gold 1 oz.

Platinum 1 oz.

Silver 1 oz.

Happy Customers

Brian and his staff do a phenomenal job, very professional and courteous. I rarely use the term lucky – but I count myself beyond lucky to have found his business. Due to the economy I’ve had to sell quite a bit of gold, and other places were offering significantly less, I lost a lot of money before I located Vermillion Enterprises, if you’re looking to sell gold, or anything else – this is the place to go.

Robert K.

I have been dealing with Brian and Vermilion Enterprises for the past two years and have been very happy with his service. This coin shop is a coin shop you can trust I have tried other coin dealers in the area but they just don’t feel right Brian always treats me the way I feel I should be treated. I have sold Brian coins Gold A Few high-end Watches and many other items and I get the Best price from Brian I would definitely suggest this Coin Shop to anyone that lives in Spring Hill Fl.

Bob Z.